Woman Finds Abandoned Boy In Cardboard Box In The Frigid Winter Temperatures

Woman Finds Abandoned Boy In Cardboard Box In The Frigid Winter Temperatures

Roxy Lane, from Fairbanks, Alaska, found a newborn baby boy abandoned in a cardboard box in the frigid winter temperatures, with a note from his mother, expressing that she can’t afford to feed the child.

Lane found the baby on New Year’s Eve by a row of mailboxes next to her home, and she decided to post a video of the child and the note on Facebook. The mom called the boy Teshawn.

The note read:

‘Please help me!!! My parents and grandparents don’t have food or money to raise me. They NEVER wanted to do this to me.’
‘Please take me and find me a LOVING FAMILY. My parents are begging whoever finds me. My name is Teshawn.’
The boy’s mom is yet to be identified by the police. The infant has been taken to a hospital and paramedics confirmed that he’s in good health.

In the post, Lana wrote that she’s been processing her feelings all day and running through all the different scenarios and reasons with her boyfriend and family. She was wondering why something like this could have happened, suggesting that the parents were probably young and unaware of the Alaska’s Safe Haven law, which allows parents to give up their unwanted children at a local hospital, police, fire station, or a church.

Additionally, Lane asked anyone who knew the mother to reach out as she may be in need of a medical attention herself, or might be in a desperate situation.

“Clearly, someone in our community felt so lost and hopeless that they made probably the hardest choice of their lives to leave that innocent life on the side of the road with nothing but some blankets and a name. But she named him! There’s some love there, even if she made a terrible decision.
Today I saved a baby and I’ll probably think about Teshawn for the rest of my life,” – she concluded.

Source: Daily Mail


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