Woman Gets Roasted For Saying She Was Raised To Take Care Of Her Husband

Woman Gets Roasted For Saying She Was Raised To Take Care Of Her Husband

Twitter is the place where people share their opinions, express their daily frustrations and the frustrations they have for the world we live in, or sometimes even dish out hot takes.

For example, Brylea Kay, a college student from Texas, recently decided to share her thoughts on Twitter, and to say that it sparked outrage is an understatement.

She shared a tweet in which she wrote, in detail, what kind of a wife she would be and how she was raised.
She wrote that she would cook, clean, and wash her husband’s clothes, working round the clock just to make him happy.

I mean, I believe you should be anything you want to be, but reading this is cringy.
Many people rushed to share their opinion as soon as Brylea tweeted this, and, excitedly, the general response was not exactly positive.
They pointed out that many aspects of her original tweet show internalized misogyny and sexism at work.

She later tweeted, however, that the response from people has been so harsh that some of them even wrote some really harsh things which is extremely, EXTREMELY WRONG and undeserved!

This is how people reacted:


It is my belief that a Mommy should in no way raise their children this was either. A parent should teach yheir children (boys too) how to cook, clean, do their laundry. And treat their spouse as an equal not their personal maid, sexbot.

This woman’s never going to be divorced.

Viola Voltairtrine

This woman is desperate for attention and she thinks this is the way to get it. She’s trying to attract boymen. Once she grows up she’ll come to her senses. She’ll wake up one day and say to herself “this is utter bullshit.” LOL!

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