Woman Gets Shot Down For Promoting Toxic Masculinity By Claiming Geeks Are ‘Undateable’

Woman Gets Shot Down For Promoting Toxic Masculinity By Claiming Geeks Are ‘Undateable’

If you’ve been on the Internet long enough, you probably know what “toxic masculinity” means.
Society has placed a lot of barriers on men and a lot of them struggle to express themselves because of that. For example, guys must like sports and cars, and if they happen to be fans of sci-fi movies, they are immediately labeled as “nerds and geeks”.

Well, according to conservative “freedom fighter” Ashley St. Clair, they are “undateable”.

It all started when Eric Butts, a Kentucky-based vlogger and Star Wars fan shared his emotional video of his reaction to the first trailed for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The guy was actually moved to tears by the anticipation of things to come, which is no way a bad thing.

Numerous trolls, however, wanted to put him down for his excitement, and one of them was St. Clair, who wrote that “Star Wars and superhero movie obsession culture has revealed a whole new population of undateable men”. She noted that they might be worse than men who wear cargo shorts.

Wait, what’s wrong with cargo shorts?

Well, this woman sure has a very limited definition of freedom for a so-called “freedom fighter”.

However, Emily Chaney came to the rescue. She’s a teacher-in-training from Michigan that saw St. Clair’s tweet, and she felt like she had to come to the defense of the millions of guys who are passionate about some things in their lives, especially after St. Clair’s message hinted at something even more sinister.

This is how fans, creators, and even actors stood up and defended Eric (including Mark Hamill himself):

And St. Clair doubled down on her position once again, making things even worse for her:

And she got roasted to oblivion yet again:


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