Woman Invites 18-Year-Old Daughter She Gave Up For Adoption To Meet For The First Time

Woman Invites 18-Year-Old Daughter She Gave Up For Adoption To Meet For The First Time

A woman who gave up her child for adoption 18 years ago was excited to share the text conversation she had with her teenage daughter after they met for the first time.
She wrote on Imgur that “she’s so excited that she just can’t hide it”, so she had to share it with the world. She noted that the wait is finally over, and she will hold her daughter in her arms for the first time in 18 years, and her little family will finally be complete.

The texts the woman shared just show her overwhelming excitement after her daughter invited her and her other daughter (the teen’s sister) to visit her at college.

The daughter said that she “totally understands” and revealed that she will now be spending a lot of time with her sister.
An “open adoption” is a form of adoption in which the birth parents can remain in contact with the adoptive family and, eventually, with the child, and the mother explains that having an open adoption was absolutely “the hardest decision she’s ever made”, but also one “of the best and most selfless” ones.

According to her, she chose “two trustworthy” people to raise her daughter and that she being able to “watch her daughter grow up” and even meet her made all the pain she went through worth it.

This is what she wrote on Imgur:

The woman’s post gained huge popularity on Imgur, and many people that were also impacted by adoption started sharing their own experience and support. The woman’s story also serves as a reminder that sometimes some decision might seem very painful and difficult, but it can ultimately work out best for everyone involved.


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