Woman Kicked Out By Friend For Saying It’s “Selfish” To Have Multiple Children

Woman Kicked Out By Friend For Saying It’s “Selfish” To Have Multiple Children

Keeping things real and honest with your friends is probably for the best, but it can sometimes cause a bit of a rift in a friendship.
For example, many friendships work because of the assumption that both parties agree on important life choices, so if one side breaks that assumption, it can cause a major tension.

However, a deep friendship cannot survive without honesty and the ability to agree to disagree, so introducing your friends with your perspectives can be a tricky balance of transparency and diplomacy.

A woman recently decided to take it to the AITA subreddit to ask if she was in the wrong for telling her friend that it was selfish to keep having children in order to have a daughter.

The OP started off by sharing that her friend Laura has three boys and one girl, and she and her husband have been trying to get a girl all along.
Check out the post for yourself below:

So, OP was honest with her friend Laura that her oldest son feels like she doesn’t have time for him since his youngest sister was born, and this opened up the question whether or not OP thinks that her friend Laura is selfish for continuing to try for a daughter instead of adopting or fostering.

Laura got upset and told OP that she will never understand because she’s not a mom.

OP now feels bad about how things turned out, but she still doesn’t agree that Laura needed to have biological children in a world full of kids who need homes. She posted an update with a transcript of their conversation so people can judge better:

Most people seemed to agree that the OP is definitely not in the wrong here, because she was actually asked to share her honest opinion.

What do you think? Do you agree that she’s definitely not in the wrong here, or you believe that she could have maybe acted differently?


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