Woman Left On The Side Of The Road By Uber Driver On Her Way To End Her Pregnancy

Woman Left On The Side Of The Road By Uber Driver On Her Way To End Her Pregnancy

We marked the 46th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion across the U.S., but even though, there are states that are passing legislation to reverse this decision across the country, now, in 2019.
The state of Ohio passed the “heartbeat” bill in April, and it bans abortion as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. This makes it the third state to do it after Kentucky and Mississippi.

Even though many states will change their legislation, it still hasn’t stopped people from doing things on an individual level to show their position.
A Reddit user recently experienced just how far some people are willing to go to express their opinion on it, and it includes her being abandoned on the side of the road by her Uber driver.

The user that posted it is a 20-year-old college student from upstate New York, and she posted that she had found out she was pregnant, but decided that she “was not in the position to take care of a child”.
She called an uber in order to go to the only clinic that had open availability, and was far from campus, but it turned out to be a very traumatic trip.

This is what people commented about the incident:


A man flexing his power over a woman to control her as an incubator. Nothing new here folks. Same old bullshit.

FALSE. some of us don’t want to be involved in dismembering and killing HELPLESS babies. and that is a VALID right, unlike the “right” [moms only of course] to kill your kids.


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