Woman Left Speechless After Flight Staff Tried To Remove Her For Choice Of Clothes

Woman Left Speechless After Flight Staff Tried To Remove Her For Choice Of Clothes

Emily O’Connor is a young woman who was left speechless  after she went on a Thomas Cook flight from Birmingham to Tenerife.
The staff, allegedly, told the young woman that they will have to remove her if she didn’t cover up.

She was wearing loose orange trousers and a black top, and she has since branded the incident as “the worst experience of her life”.

This is what she posted on Twitter:

The airport security and passport control let the 21-year-old get to the boarding gate with no issues, but it was the greeting staff that told her to cover up.

She claims that the flight manager and four other members told her that she will be “removed” unless she puts a jacket on.
The other passengers kept quiet and didn’t say a word, so she decided to stand up and ask whether she was offending anyone.

Thomas Cook has since responded, and they said that their staff “could have handled the situation better”. They also added that their crews often have difficulties with implementing the policy which they don’t always get.

She was given a jacket by her cousin sitting at the front of the plane, and the staff didn’t leave until she put it on. They even made comments about the situation over the speaker, and it left her speechless.

Emily has also set up a poll on Twitter so people could vote whether they think her outfit was OK or not. Out of 20k+ votes, 85% of people said that her clothes were OK to travel in.

Many people also said that they will never fly with the company again, and one of them is former Love Island contestant, Gabby Allen.

Thomas Cook has since said that they, like most airlines, have an appropriate clothing policy, and it applies equally to men and women of all ages without exception. Their crews, however, have a difficult task of implementing that policy, and they don’t always get it right.


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