Woman Lets Poisonous Spiders Crawl On Her Face For Relaxation

Woman Lets Poisonous Spiders Crawl On Her Face For Relaxation

When you think about the ultimate relaxation, you probably imagine a sandy beach, the gentle sounds of the sea and a cold drink in your hands. Oh, and a massive poisonous spider crawling on your face.

Almost everyone would freak out if something like this happened to them, but not this curious woman from Australia.

Tarni Roebuck is a 27-year-old woman from Queensland who loves nothing more than letting big, poisonous spiders crawling around her head.
She first got into arachnids 4 years ago, and even though you might think that she’s some kind of an adrenaline junkie, she says that she finds the creepy spiders crawling on her face therapeutic.

She said that she feels relaxed and often excited, especially if she’s handling one of her favorite species or a particularly large spider. Spending time with spiders is something she absolutely loves, and it helps her de-stress and remember to enjoy her surroundings.

She said that she loves spiders because she finds them fascinating, and she wonders who wouldn’t want to have eight legs and an endless supply of butt rope.

Even though it seems very risky to allow poisonous spiders to run across your face, Tarni makes sure that she never invites venomous spiders on her – which are the ones that can actually take your life.

She notes that she has never been bitten by a spider, and she hopes her videos and photos will help people conquer their fears, which would, in turn, help our spiders.

Tarni’s aim is to promote the appreciation of spiders and encourage people to seek to understand them, rather than fear them.
She believes the best way to overcome a fear of spiders is to start observing them.


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