Woman Makes $6,000 Per Month Online By Selling Photos Of Her Feet

Woman Makes $6,000 Per Month Online By Selling Photos Of Her Feet

A medical student that goes by the pseudonym ‘Sweet Arches’ online says that she’s been earning a hefty $6,000 by selling photos of her feet on the internet.
Not only did the U.S. student has been funding her studies, but she’s actually earning more than she makes in her local operating theatre.

Of course, she notes that there’s a lot of maintenance and upkeep to be done, and the quality of the photos must be top-notch, but there are still some lines that she won’t cross.

Well, it’s probably a good thing that she’s into feet herself, as she deals with some pretty “out-there” requests.

The 28-year-old from Portland, Oregon, makes it clear that it can sometimes be a “sticky business”, and it’s most definitely not as simple as just snapping a photo of your feet.

“Some people like the soles of the feet, some like the toes, some like to see them in different positions.
People like to watch me crush things, like raspberries, grapes or cakes with my toes. I’ve actually had someone ask me to squish ants, but that’s a no-no for me. Anything that’s living, I won’t do that!” – she notes.

Sweet Arches shared that the strangest request was from someone that asked her to run him over in her car. She said absolutely not, of course, and that’s one of the craziest things she has refused to do.

One of the requests was from a client that asked her for a pair of her boots, and she explains that a lot of people with a foot fetish like the stinky smell. Others like her to play with her feet on camera, kiss, or even lick her toes.

According to the medical student, she tripled her hospital income as a surgical assistant, which is about $2,000 before tax, and she claims that she makes $71,000 per year with her ‘sideline’.

Explaining how she started with this ‘thing’, she said that she had a foot fetish herself, so she began doing it on camera for fun a year ago. She never thought she could make a living from it, but she now has more than 1,000 subscribers on the adult website OnlyFans, and she gets about 50 to 100 messages or requests a day.


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