Woman Quits Her Job And Creates An Empire Without Wearing Any Clothes To Work

Woman Quits Her Job And Creates An Empire Without Wearing Any Clothes To Work

Victoria Murphy is a 25-year-old woman who decided to quit her job as a beautician in order to work as a cleaner, but without wearing too many clothes.

Now she has 15 full-time workers and her very own cleaning empire!

She launched off her company after she graduated in events management, and she charges anything from £55 ($73) to £75 ($98) for her services, depending on the level of undressing.

Her company is called Glimmer, and she first tested her new job by cleaning homes in Edinburgh while wearing nothing. She said that she didn’t want to put her staff into any situation she hadn’t experienced herself, of course.

While working as a beautician, she first wanted to start off a webcam business, but she decided that she wouldn’t feature on camera herself.

She was then inspired by an American company that offers a naked cleaning service, and she launched her own company Glimmer. However, that they’re not an escort service, and what they offer is just fun and flirty.

When she did it for some time, she just had a laugh and nothing untoward happened.

The company offers three tiers of adult cleaning:

A service in lingerie or underwear costs £55 per hour, without wearing a top cleaning costs a £65 per hour, and service done without any clothes costs £75 per hour.

Victora noted that none of her staff have to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with, and the client will choose the option they prefer, and she will match the cleaner to the choice.

Victoria received more than 100 applications the last time she advertised for recruits, and the most important thing for her is that someone has professional cleaning experience and a good personality, because engaging with the client and feeling comfortable being without clothes is all part of what makes someone right for the role.

The company has 15 staff members, including three men, and even though they expected most of their customers to be professional, working men in their 40s, their clients are much more diverse.


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