Woman Scientist Called “Unprofessional” By Man Because Of Red Hair And Tattoos

Woman Scientist Called “Unprofessional” By Man Because Of Red Hair And Tattoos

Women that have careers that have historically been dominated by men have a lot of hardships on their way.
Alongside the work of education, and the ordinary stresses of performing their jobs, they also have to deal with all the dudes around them that don’t understand how can a woman possibly be doing that job.

We believe women scientists are at the center of this problem, especially because it’s a field that has been almost exclusively dominated by men.

Joleah Lamb is a scientist that recently shared a story on Twitter of how she complimented a graduate student’s earrings, and she was told by the student that she has been getting a lot of comments about how she should dress “less ostentatiously”.

Lamb was shocked by that, but the reality is that many people, especially men, have their idea of how a scientist looks like, and it’s usually “a man in a lab coat”.

Lamb asked for more similar stories, and one of them, shared by geochemist Stepanie Suarez, caught the attention of many:

Suarez’s story got a lot of attention on Twitter, so she decided to share more details about the situation:

As it turns out, Suarez had posted about the incident on LinkedIn when it took place, and she received a wave of backlash, even from women, telling her that LinkedIn is not Facebook and she accused a well-respected company.

What do you think about this incident? Has something similar happened to you? Feel free to tell us in the comments!


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