A Woman Shares Her Boyfriend With His Husband And They Couldn’t Be Happier!

A Woman Shares Her Boyfriend With His Husband And They Couldn’t Be Happier!

When in a relationship, battling with your own insecurities can be very difficult for your partner as well. You should always take yours or your partner`s feelings about insecurity very seriously, but at the same time not let it dictate how you both act.

Most of the time, the main reason behind many arguments and frustration is the fear of your partner cheating, or at least being attracted to others. Things can get nerve-racking even when they simply talk about their business partners, friends or someone you know to be good-looking.

A person in love must always work on their insecurities and not let them take over the relationship. Maybe you`ll never stop feeling insecure, but if you put the work in, it`s much easier to manage.

I think it`s safe to say that for most of us, it`s hard to imagine being in a relationship with more than two people at once. But it turns out that this arrangement can work out for some pretty well.

Meet the “throuple,” Matt, Chris and Cait. These three are in a polyamorous relationship. Matt and his husband Chris Brandt were together for six years, before they decided to let another person into their lives. Chris, who previously was in a heterosexual relationship needed to convince Matt to be open about the idea.

At first Matt was completely opposed to the idea but after a while we talked about it and he warmed up to it,” Chris explained. “The three of us started to spend more and more time together and after about seven or eight months she was staying over five nights a week.


They might look happy now, but it wasn`t always easy, especially for Cait, who found it difficult to split her time between Matt and Chris:

When we first got together I was struggling with the jealousy. With having a very strong connection with Chris and sometimes feeling frustrated that I would have to split time with Matt. But with a lot of that came a lot of insecurity, because I didn’t know where my place was in the relationship

Two years later the happy trio lives together, sharing one bed in a one bedroom apartment – and have two dogs too!

Would you ever consider bringing another person into your relationship?

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