Woman Shares Disturbing Texts From Controlling And Extreme Ex-Husband

Woman Shares Disturbing Texts From Controlling And Extreme Ex-Husband

A woman decided to share her story of defeating domestic disturbance from her ex-husband in order to help others in similar situations to recognize these red flags.

She goes by the username KrissyKross on Imgur, and she uploaded the screenshots from her conversation with her ex-husband, Adam. She wanted to show what tactics he used to intimidate her, harass her, and silence her into staying with him.

Warning: Some of the following photos may be disturbing to some people.

KrissyKross explained that even though Adam knew that she was not allowed to use her phone while she was at work, he would send her long strings of questions and accusations.

She explained that Tony was a co-worker, and she only knew when he clocked off because it was when she clocked in. He had helped her change her tire once, and her husband accused her of having an affair with him.

She explains that she slept over at a female coworker that night.

Krissy explained that she visits her mother once in a couple of years, and she had a huge bruise on her arm from where he had bit her, leaving visible marks. The bruise hung around for a very long time, and even long enough to still be photographed by NCIS when she finally turned him in.

Krissy wrote that the “midnight” thing was his idea, and she had to call him at midnight every night she stayed with her mother so he can make sure that she is not out drinking or having fun or doing something else.

She also explained that her marriage wasn’t always like this. She described that Adam as a kind and loving man at first, but it was only after she lost 80 lbs and got a job that he started suspecting her of cheating and became to be physical on her.

He forced upon her numerous times, and he used to wait outside her work for whole shifts, not telling her if he was carrying the Beretta M9 he had recently purchased. He used to hit her regularly, and when she told his parents, they told her that it was normal in a young marriage, and that she should reassure him. When she finally got the courage to leave him, he hurt her dog and cat. However, she packed her bag and her pets while he was at work, and she hid at a co-worker’s house and called the police and NCIS.

Luckily, she was able to walk away from her relationship, and she has only seen him three more times – all of them in court.

Krissy’s story has a happy ending, but not all similar stories do. She wrote that she’s really proud of what she’s done, but she wanted to share her story for everyone who is in a similar situation to get the courage and turn them in!


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