Woman Single Handedly Broke Up Anti-Planned Parenthood Protest With “Yeast Infection”

Woman Single Handedly Broke Up Anti-Planned Parenthood Protest With “Yeast Infection”

The conspiracy that Planned Parenthood is harvesting organs, parroted by Carly Fiorina, who claimed that the organization is selling the “brains and other body parts” of fetuses left out of women that choose to end their pregnancies has fueled anti-Planned Parenthood anger from the conservatives around the nation.

The organization has even faced threats of being defunded by Congress, and there have been some hateful protests at their clinic locations.
However, when one woman saw such a protest gathering at her local Planned Parenthood branch in Portland, Oregon, she clocked out of work and made her own protest sign.
This is what Mary Numair wrote on a cardboard box:

“Dear PP, Thanks for helping me with my yeast infections!”

Numair then joined the other protesters, and she stood next to a woman who was carrying a pro-life sign. She then began chanting “Yeast infections! Yeast infections!”, and she told Slate that Planned Parenthood had helped her with yeast infections when she was younger and didn’t have health insurance.

She also said that they are the ones who informed her that she had a latex allergy and there was no reason to panic, and they do so much beyond ending pregnancies. She added that she’s very much pro-choice, but we should take it beyond pro-choice and pro-life because there are all these other things that are uncomfortable to talk about and get treated for.

Her enthusiastic chants and “cheerleader” kicks drove the anti-Planned Parenthood protesters away, so she posted a selfie of her carrying the sign on Twitter.


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