Woman Squats While Carrying A Man After Told “No Girl Can Lift A Grown Man”

Woman Squats While Carrying A Man After Told “No Girl Can Lift A Grown Man”

Patriarchy has dictated what women can and can’t do by re-inforcing gender-stereotypes for ages.

Twitter user Dani recently decided to share a video in which she broke a stereotype that was planted in her head since she was 12-years-old by her friend’s stepdad. In the video, Dani comfortably lifts a “full-grown man” and does squats with him on the back. The captioned she posted was everything, though. She shared how she remembers her friend’s stepdad once said when she was 12 that “no women belong in the fire department” because “no girl could ever lift a grown man”. Well, f-u Craig!
Dani can be seen laughing while doing squats with a grown man on her back, and she even made a victory pose between squats.

The video has already been liked more than 827k times, and retweeted over 137k times!
Well, Craig, maybe you won’t enjoy watching the video, and maybe the Twitter trolls will feel triggered, but the world can clearly see that Dani squatted with a fully grown man on her back with ease!

Dani, who’s a US Marine, wrote in a separate tweet that she would also like to dedicate the video to the guy from her freshman English class in high school who told her she would never be able to squat heavy because she’s a girl.

Even though women praised Dani and shared similar personal stories, insecure men with fragile egos couldn’t resist but to try to “troll” her. For example, one man wrote that when she’s 82 years old, he believes that the vast majority of people trapped in a dire situation would still put more trust in a man than they would in her.
Another dude wrote that the guy isn’t actually a fully grown man, but a twig. Dani, however, didn’t hesitate to fire back at these pathetic men, and her responses received thousands of likes.


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