Woman That Hasn’t Shaved Her Armpits in Three Years Explains Why She Does It

Woman That Hasn’t Shaved Her Armpits in Three Years Explains Why She Does It

Jada Mackenzie Travis is a woman that recently became very popular on TikTok after sharing her brilliant take on body hair, and admitted to the world that she hasn’t shaved her armpits in three years.
Jada, who lives in North Carolina, feels that she’s being put on the spot for not shaving her armpit hair, and why it makes no sense for people to have opinions about something that’s hers to choose if she wants to do or not.

This is what she said in the video, that has since gone viral:
“I wanna talk about my armpit hair today. And I’m going to send this video to every single person that constantly talks about it. I have not shaved my armpits in three years, and that’s a long time, and I’m ready to talk about WHY,”

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Mackenzie told BuzzFeed that she stopped shaving her armpits in 2019, when she thought that she didn’t really enjoy doing it. She never had the chance to stop shaving while growing up, but she finally began to feel free.


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Mackenzie hopes that her video will inspire others to recognize their value and do whatever they want to do. Her mindset is all about giving people the power and freedom to be themselves and do whatever they want to. She’s not keen on saying what’s right or wrong – shave if you want to, don’t shave if you don’t want to!

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