Woman Walks Away From Medicine Career To Become a Housewife And ‘Serve’ Her ‘Breadwinner’ Husband

Woman Walks Away From Medicine Career To Become a Housewife And ‘Serve’ Her ‘Breadwinner’ Husband

Cynthia Loewen is just one more woman who claims that she’ll be joining that Tradwife (or Traditional Wife) movement. The woman said that she’ll be leaving behind her career in medicine to ‘serve’ her ‘husband. The movement is a recent trend that sees wives staying home and doing all the cooking, cleaning, and washing.
Loewen, who is a former Miss Earth Canada, even started her own YouTube channel in which she explained into detail who much better she feels with her life now, and she is fully dedicated to keep her home in check.

In one of her videos, she said that she was really frustrated with her life a couple of years ago, and she wasn’t feeling the calling to become a boss-bade. So, she decided to become a wife and a homemaker, even though she was supposed to be a doctor.

“My husband is the primary breadwinner and I am in charge of the home.

Working with my hands around my home does give me satisfaction, so much more compared to any other job that I had.
I let my husband lead and that is so naturally difficult for me because I am a very stubborn person.

My husband didn’t know when I began doing this, but he felt so much more appreciated and valued.”

Cynthia applies a full face of makeup and puts on cute outfits to clean the house and do the laundry, among other household chores.

She visits the gym in the morning and walks the dog before doing all the house chores.

She then cooks dinner and waits for her husband to come home and have dinner together.

Cynthia is very open about being a ‘homemaker’ on her Instagram and YouTube accounts, and complains of how little representation women like her get in the media.

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