Woman Who Claims To Be In A Serious Relationship With Ghost Plans To Have ‘Ghost Baby’

Woman Who Claims To Be In A Serious Relationship With Ghost Plans To Have ‘Ghost Baby’

Amethyst Realm, the woman who claimed that she has regular intimate intercourse with ghosts, now claims that she is in a serious relationship with one of them and they have even discussed having children. She hit the headlines last year when she revealed that she has slept with over 15 ghosts since her fiancé broke up with her 12 years ago.

Now she says that her relationship with one of the ghosts is ‘pretty serious’ and they want to take things to the next level. Apparently, she met the ghost in Australia, and he agreed to return with her to the U.K.

Realm was walking through the bush one day, enjoying nature when she suddenly felt an incredible energy. Immediately she knew that a new lover had arrived. Things quickly got pretty serious and she might be having a ‘ghost baby’ soon.

“I know that sounds crazy but I’ve been looking into it and I don’t think it’s totally out of the question.” – she adds.

There have been numerous cases of phantom pregnancies through history, and Realm believes that they are actually ‘ghost babies’. However, they don’t go to term because the human body and mind can’t process them.

When talking about her first encounter with a ghost, Realm remembers that it was about 12 years ago, while she was still living with her human fiancé. He was working away a lot, and she started to feel a presence.

She decided to put dress herself in a lingerie one night and hang around her house. Just before falling asleep, the ghost turned up and they had intimate intercourse. After that, she left men completely and has had intercourse with more than 15 ghosts throughout the years.

She says that she has done a bit of research into phantom pregnancies, and there’s a possibility that a ghost is inside the women, but they don’t know how to carry it to full term.
Her relationship with her fiancé ended after he caught her in bed with a ghost. He pulled up outside and he apparently saw the shape of a man through the window.


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