Woman Who Thinks Her Boyfriend Is Better Looking Than Her Asks Will The Relationship Last

Woman Who Thinks Her Boyfriend Is Better Looking Than Her Asks Will The Relationship Last

TV stars Steph and Dom Parker are Daily Mail Online columnists that use their 20 years of marriage to solve relationship problems of people.

A woman sent them a letter in which she asked them a very important question recently, and it’s a problem that many women in the world encounter.

The 43-year-old woman wrote that she’s been seeing her new 44-year-old boyfriend for nearly three months and she really likes him, but the problem is that she thinks he’s too good-looking for her.

She wrote that when it’s just the two of them then it’s great and she forgets about it, but the problems start when they’re out together and she feels like everyone is looking at them and wondering why is he with her. She explained that they met online and she was shocked to see that he was much more handsome than in his photos when he arrived in the pub.

She added that if she had known, she wouldn’t have gone ahead, but now that they’ve met she really likes him. She noted that she’s trying to lose weight and always sets up the alarm early to make sure that she gets up before he does and do her hair and makeup. However, she is still worried that he’s going to dump her, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Steph said that her letter made her sad, and she can’t know if what the woman says is true or not, but the problem is that she has got herself into space where all that matters is how she looks, and it’s sad. It’s a reflection of the Instagram-obsessed culture, and it made her despair when the woman said that she wouldn’t have gone ahead if she had known what he really looked like.

Steph advised the woman to consider his feelings and views, because there’s another person in all this and it doesn’t seem that she’s giving him much credit. Maybe he doesn’t see things as she does.

In the end, she suggested to take a hard look in the mirror and see past what she thinks she can see on the outside, and remind herself that she deserves more. She should focus on her qualities, and not her flaws. She has found a man she really likes and who really likes her, so she shouldn’t ruin it.

Dom suggested that even though in this day and age everyone seems to consider looks to be everything that matters, anyone with any sense knows that it’s just nonsense.
He also said that she must recognize that it’s what on the inside that counts, and even though we all have days when we look in the mirror and just think “Ughh”, she should try to see herself as he sees her.

Her boyfriend probably sees her kindness and her generosity and the fact that she’s funny and loving, or whatever her real qualities are, and all of the things she seems determined not to see.


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