Woman’s Pic Of Doctor Taken Without Consent Sparks A Debate About Double Standards

Woman’s Pic Of Doctor Taken Without Consent Sparks A Debate About Double Standards

Twitter user ‘purple goddess’ decided to take a photo of her doctor without his knowing and shared it, describing him as “fine as s***”. Her photo gained a lot of popularity on Twitter, and many people wanted to know where they could find the dermatologist.

Many admirers agreed with ‘purple goddess’:

Many people, however, deemed the whole thing as creepy, and they asked what if the roles were changed and it was a man that took a sneak pic of an attractive woman doing her job:

To make things worse, ‘purple goddess’ decided to tell people the exact location of the doctor, and shared even more information about him. This made people even angrier, and it was truly a step too far:


Dr. Imran Aslam, the man himself, spoke to Bored Panda about the photo of him that was trending on Twitter, and he didn’t even know it was taken.
He said that his first reaction was just pure anxiety, as he’s a very low key individual. He was kind of freaking out when he found out that he was trending on Twitter, and he started getting texts from friends all over the country.

However, when the anxiety settled down, he realized that most people actually liked his photo, so he started to find the situation pretty funny. His post was liked more than 20k times, and he liked the Reddit discussion about double standards, where some individuals made excellent points. He added that he can understand why people consider this to be a double standard, especially in the light of the #MeToo movement.

However, from his perspective, he never felt like he was a “victim” in the situation at the beginning, but as he reflects more on the situation, he realizes that the reason for that is his “male privilege”.

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Having your picture taken at public events is the risk you run when you’re at a public event, even if it’s some asshole guy taking a picture of your ass. This photo was taken in a doctor’s office, which is a private setting. She’d be really upset if he took a photo of her and put it online.

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