Woman’s Response To Unwanted “Compliment” Explains Why Our Society Is Messed Up

Woman’s Response To Unwanted “Compliment” Explains Why Our Society Is Messed Up

As far as I know, the goal of flirting is to make the other person feel good, right?

If you actually make the other person feel bad or ashamed it’s much better to just walk away and pretend you didn’t say anything. However, whatever you do, don’t react like this guy in Rebecca Mix’s story!

Check it out below to see what we’re talking about:

Mix’s thread became very popular on the social media, and its very interesting how furious some men got.

Seems like men with that kind of toxic masculinity are used to responding with anger when someone tells them that their behavior is not OK, and they perceive it very personal instead of recognizing that in fact it is a problem that needs solving.

Many women on Twitter supported Mix and her response:


I also find it weird on the opposite end that if I disagree with a ‘man’ and do it quite respectfully. He will automatically attack my looks. They are always the ones who umm should not talk.

Or maybe, instead of making it a big issue: 1 unwanted compliment = “Thanks.” and keep shopping lipstick. 2 unwanted compliments or further attempts at conversation = “I came to Target to buy lipstick, not talk to strangers. Please leave me alone.” and keep shopping lipstick. Further attempts = You simply walk away. One comment does not a creeper make. Not all men are lecherous pervs. Not all flirting means “I want to date you/have sex with you.” Not all comments have hidden messages between the lines/words. There are ways to deal with situations like this that do not require such vigilance. That said, there are many men out there who don’t get it. They use cheesy pickup lines. They make stupid (if not childish) remarks. They act like teen boys in heat. Sometimes, it even goes the other way with women hitting on men. The bottom line is that whether you want the compliment or not doesn’t mean that it can’t be given. It is just words from a stranger in a retail store. If it makes you uncomfortable (she was obviously triggered), walk away – remove yourself from the trigger. Don’t make your trigger other people’s problems.

Or maybe, just maybe, Cody, KEEP YOUR OPINIONS ON OTHERS’ BODIES TO YOURSELF. Dude proved himself to be a creep the moment she agreed that she looked good without said lipstick. Women should not, and do not, need to kowtow to men’s feelings just so they won’t be ‘hurt’ by a woman rejecting his need to comment on her. Maybe YOU should look into some therapy for YOUR being triggered by a literal stranger not caring to have some jagoff come up and talk about her appearance unwantedly.

Why should I thank someone for an unwanted compliment? Why does any man think it’s appropriate to ever comment on the appearance of a woman he doesn’t know? He thinks he’s being charming. In reality, he’s been a creep. It IS a big issue when strange men approach you in public. Every woman has, at some point, been stalked in a public place by a creeper. All I need is to piss off some random guy enough that he’ll follow me out to the parking lot. Until you have a clue what it’s like dealing with this crap on a daily basis, STFU and sit down.

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