Woman’s T-Shirt Made Someone Feel So “Unsafe” They Had To Call The Cops

Woman’s T-Shirt Made Someone Feel So “Unsafe” They Had To Call The Cops

Of the number of things that one should call the police, this is definitely not it. A woman posted a shocking story on Facebook recently about another woman who called the cops on her and her daughter for wearing t-shirts.

Yes, you read it right.

Katherine had gone to lunch with her family, and it was not her intention to wear a politically divisive t-shirt. Yes, it was politically motivated, but why wouldn’t it be?

That is why Katherine decided to share her story. The other woman reacted very badly to her and her daughter, but the police actually did something totally different.

This is Kathrine and her daughter in their empowering t-shirts.

They were wearing their “I’ve heard enough from old white men” t-shirts when they went out to grab some lunch one day.

Most of us would agree that their t-shirts are an absolutely valid way of expressing frustration with the current state of policies in the government, along with the other issues, like reproductive rights.

However, not everyone agreed with it.

There was this woman that became extremely upset when she read the text on Kathrine’s and her daughter’s t-shirts. This is what Kathrine shared on Facebook:

The question I have here is, how exactly did Kathrine’s t-shirt made the other woman feel “unsafe”?

The brightest point in her story is that when the police came, as law enforcement, they completely understood the 1st amendment. And the policeman even introduced Kathrine and her kids to his partner.


Pretty nasty stuff- – woman would be upset if young boys were saying I’ve had a enough of old white woman. We just don’t need more horrible stuff like this that is just one size fits all –

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