Woman’s Thread Notes The Never-Discussed Symptom Of Depression And Everyone Has To Read It

Woman’s Thread Notes The Never-Discussed Symptom Of Depression And Everyone Has To Read It

Even though we’ve made a big step as a society in understanding mental illness and supporting those who suffer from it, we still got a long, long way to go. However, this is especially the case for the people who don’t know what it really feels like to live with a disorder such as depression, and Twitter user @mollybackes brought this up perfectly in her recent Twitter thread that went viral.

Her thread resonated with so many people because it captures the ineffability of depression, and the aspect she deems as The Impossible Task in particular.

So, what is The Impossible Task? Well, it cannot be defined by a specific, as outlined by Backes. It varies, person to person, hour to hour. What others see something as mundane and simple, many people who suffer from depression find impossible.

Although The Impossible Task is not actually impossible, it certainly appears that way to many, and people suffering from depression often beat themselves up over the seeming insignificance of the task.

Backes aims to encourage those who also have Impossible Tasks that asking for help is nothing to fear or be ashamed of, even if it is for a seemingly simple thing.
She writes:

“The people who love you should be glad to lend a hand,”

Her sentiment went viral immediately, and people on Twitter starting sharing their own experiences with The Impossible Task.

As many Twitter users said, you should always know that even if you’re currently facing your own Impossible Task, you are not alone. It’s totally ok not to get to them today, or tomorrow, but what you must remember is that it is always OK to ask for help!

Scott X Levine

Scott X. Levine The Impossible Task is just the tip of the iceberg. This is what can be seen from a distance, and all it appears to be at arms-length. It’s what’s beneath the surface, however, that’s most problematic. That which people can’t see, even from arms-length.
While depression is a factor, anxieties also contribute to my Impossible Tasks. My Impossible Tasks are innumerable, and as unexpected as they are unexplainable. Choosing when to bathe suddenly becomes difficult. Eating becomes a struggle and meals are easily skipped. Selecting a shirt becomes ridiculously hard. Yet, Impossible Tasks can start there in the mundane, and live there.
My general appearance becomes a struggle, as I have to talk myself out of wearing the same thing every day. I eat only when I really need to, and begrudgingly at that. Housework is ignored and errands are delayed. Where order once ruled, apathy now reigns. Decisions are dismissed as not important, and any errors in judgment are easily ignored until they go away. I can’t explain it. And that’s just the beginning. The tip. Only what can be seen.
The Impossible Task can be accomplished with help, it’s suggested. That’s like asking too late for a lifeline when I really needed to abandon ship. I will not ask for help. An Impossible Task in itself.
Social life is a nightmare of Impossible Tasks. Plans are made last minute under the guise of spontaneity, if plans are made at all. Depressive-riddled voices become influential, and simple get-togethers are troublesome. Deciding if and when to come and go is an Impossible Task. It starts there, and doesn’t end. The paralyzing effect of The Impossible Task renders me an inconsistent participant at best. It could be said as much about my life… an inconsistent participant in an unending series of Impossible Tasks.
This comment on The Impossible Task is understandable: “I’ve never seen a description this terrible (and) simultaneously baffling… tasks become completely unthinkably impossible with no discernible explanation.”
The Impossible Task becomes paralyzing, spreading its grip over every-day life. Accomplishing the routine helps keep my head above water. However, requests for action become threatening. Questions and inquiries become suspect. Simple becomes complicated. Depression heightens, and anxiety rules. Impossible Tasks become the norm. One paralyzing Impossible Task after another. And life becomes nothing but a difficult decision.
The Impossible Task. The tip of my iceberg. The problems, however, exists below.

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