Woman’s Thread Perfectly Nails Why Its Better For Women To Come Off “Rude” To Men

Woman’s Thread Perfectly Nails Why Its Better For Women To Come Off “Rude” To Men

Even though there are many people who believe that women living in the US are “free” and “safe”, there are many situations in which women are unsafe and vulnerable, and that’s especially the case when they are alone.

For example, when it comes to walking alone at night, or traveling alone, it’s much harder for women that it is for men, and it’s a fact. The world is filled with sick and twisted people that believe that when a woman is alone, she is available and she is “asking for their attention”.

One Twitter user decided to explain a situation that happened in her life in order to explain just why women would rather be rude to a man in a certain situation, and thousands of people found it to be eye-opening.

Check out Lily’s Twitter thread about a time when she was casually walking her dog in her neighborhood when a strange unknown man decided to start up a conversation with her. It’s all innocent at first, of course.

Many other women related to her story, and started sharing their own:


The soulless man that assaulted me tried to contact me Saturday. Again. It’s been 30+years and I’ve never, in all that time, replied to an email, returned a phone call, accepted a LinkedIn invite, read the physical mail sent to my address – NOTHING. This man wants to reconnect with me, because he got away with hurting me and he feels I should be ‘over it’ by now.
My husband asked my permission to send this jacka$$ a message. “Don’t mess with my wife. Next contact is a civil suit and harassment charges”.
I hope that works.

About 9 years ago I was approached by a man while I was walking home from university. It was mid afternoon, so broad daylight.
He asked for directions to the bus stop. He seemed nice enough and the bus stop was on my way home so we walked together. We chatted for a bit and then out of the blue he asked if he could kiss me. I was shocked. I laughed stupidly and said no. He kept insisting that I kiss him. We had arrived at the bus stop so I said goodbye and crossed the street. He followed me. I started walking faster and he continued to follow and call out to me. I was terrified. I had just moved into a share house a few days earlier and did not know the area. I didn’t want him to follow me back to my house but I knew I’d get lost if I took a different route and that seemed even more unsafe. I decided to continue home and hope for the best. He followed me for a good 5 minutes. At one point, I turned around and he was gone. The moment I got home I completely broke down. I had never felt so vulnerable in my life. Reading this post brought back those memories.

that..is some damn stalking 30 years. that said, no, not unusual. fbi stuff says only one woman got rid of her stalker, when he died of natural cause Before her. dont be polite about civil suit, file that criminal stuff asap. the stalker doesnt want to understand.

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