Women Are Calling Out H&M About Their Absurd Clothing Sizes

Women Are Calling Out H&M About Their Absurd Clothing Sizes

We all know that size is just a number, but if that number is inconsistent and confusing, it can make finding clothes a very frustrating task.

Thanks to their inconsistent sizing, H&M and many other clothing stores make it very hard to wiggle into their clothes.

At some point, you would even think that a random-number generator is spitting out the sizes and assigning them to clothing items. Apparently, it’s not just an American thing. Women all over the world have noticed it, and H&M is the brand that plays the biggest role in it.

The practical aspect is frustrating, but there’s another factor that is even more troubling.

The sizing games that many of the large stores play have an effect on the customers (especially women) that causes them to question their appearance.

Many young women start to doubt their health when sizes yo-yo between similar items. However, one woman decided to not just roll with the punches when faced with the confusion.

She decided to speak up and revealed some personal info to let other women know that they’re not alone in this struggle.

Lowri Byrne said that she could “barely breathe” when she tried on a dress that was actually two sizes bigger than her usual size at H&M.

And she is not the first one to have done so. Ruth Clemens spoke out about the matter in June 2016 through a Facebook post that read:

“I am not overweight (not that that should matter) and although I’m 5 foot 11 my body is pretty average shape-wise. It’s already difficult enough for me to find clothes that fit well because of my height, why are you making jeans that are unrealistically small? Am I too fat for your everyday range? Should I just accept that accessible and affordable high street and on-trend fashion isn’t for people like me?”

Byrne also wrote her own post and addressed it to H&M:

“Please sort your sizes out because this is absolutely ridiculous!. I’m a size 12 and small busted and today in a H&M store I had to ask if this dress came in a size 18 (it didn’t…). The dress I have on in these photos is a size 16, and I could barely breathe. Not only was this annoying because I wanted to buy this dress, but so many women take what size dress they buy to heart. If I was one of these girls (thankfully I’m not) requesting a size 18 dress would seriously devastated me!” – read her caption.

When she asked if the dress came in an 18, the store assistant told her that ‘she has to go up a couple of sizes with those’.

More than 5k people reacted to her post.

The company issued this statement:

“H&M hugely values all customer feedback. It is only ever our intention to design and make clothes that make our customers feel good about themselves, any other outcome is neither intended nor desired. H&M’s sizes are global and the sizes offered in the U.K. are the same in all the 66 markets in which we operate in and online.

As there is no global mandatory sizing standard, sizes will differ between brands and different markets. Our dedicated, in-house sizing department works according to an average of the sizes and measurements suggested by the markets we operate in. H&M sizes are continually reviewed by our in-house sizing department.”

H&M should probably adjust their sizing for the U.S. market rather than have the same clothing sizes made for European frames.

However, that’s not the point of the letter. The point is that our frustration is that consistency is something that should not be overlooked!

It’s not too much to ask for a woman to not be forced to guess where she stands in different store’s sizes and fits, right?


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