Women Are Happier Being Single Way More Than Society Thinks They Are

Women Are Happier Being Single Way More Than Society Thinks They Are

There are literally thousands of movies and fairy tales that tell us that searching for that “true love” is all there is to life, and your grandma asking you every damn Christmas if you are planning to get married anytime soon doesn’t help either. I mean, the society makes us believe that we should be putting all of our efforts into finding that “one true love”.

However, it’s just that – a thing that society is telling us.

Numerous researches have shown that single people are way happier than what people think they are, and even though the ladies from accounts are looking across the room at work on every Christmas party and say that “the poor Kate is all alone again this year”, little do they know that Kate is actually living the time of her life. In fact, she is probably well better off than they are.

A consumer market research report conducted this year have found that heterosexual women in a relationship find it quite laborious, despite all the progress that has been made for equal rights.

Women are still the subject of more emotional and domestic labor in a relationship than their male counterparts, and thus, being single gives them more freedom.

The study also found that women are much better than men when it comes to maintaining different circles of friends, which means that they can enjoy friendships and positive support network to rely on even when they’re single. So, the myth that one is lonely when they’re single is simply not true.

To add to that, being single can make individuals be more independent, more ambitious, more self-determined, and more likely to find happiness in things that are not relationships.
Single women tend to be more confident, and they strive to keep growing and improving themselves in a number of fields.

Dr. Bella DePaulo is a Harvard psychologist, and she says that people often tend to neglect things like creativity and intellectual and emotional potential of solitude.

She wrote that there’s a risk of intensive coupling by giving sustained attention of it in journal articles.

However, we must note that it is NOT suggested that people in relationships are ‘miserable’ in comparison to single people, but the point is that it’s not the relationship that makes an individual happy, but the state of the individual themselves.


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