Women Are Having Procedures To Look Less “Mean”

Women Are Having Procedures To Look Less “Mean”

You have probably heard of the “resting b. face” women have. It’s a face that affects women who are expected to smile, be friendly, and approachable all the time so men don’t have to worry about those things.

However, it seems that the “resting b. face” has had so much negative effect on some women that they have reached to plastic surgeons to undergo procedures that will make their facial expressions look “kinder”, brighter, and overall lighter.

The story was first published in the New York Post, and it was about a woman named Hope Davis who didn’t realize that she had a “resting b. face” until her friends uploaded a bunch of unflattering photos to Facebook and Instagram.

The 42-year-old thought that she looked like a “gripe” in those photos, so she decided to consult a plastic surgeon to see what he could do about it.
As it turns out, however, this is not an unusual request.

Dr. David Shafer told the Post that he gets a few of these requests a week, and even though some people don’t recognize it as the “resting b. face”, when you mention RBF, they get it.

So, how to eliminate RBF?

Doctors use different techniques, including fillers and Botox. The Post reports that the procedure costs between $500-$5000 and it takes from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of injections.

Dr. Shafer adds that even though the idea of RBF has been around for quite some time, the requests for the procedure have “more than doubled” in the past year.

Dr. Melissa Doft says that people gravitate to women who seem “happy”, even though that concept is extremely toxic, especially for women in the workplace.

Women should never feel obligated to smile and look happy.
Men don’t feel that way, and this is a vicious double standard and just another form of sexism.

To add to that, many women on Twitter say that the RBF is actually a great “deterrent” for dealing with creepy men, and we should actually take pride in our RBF.


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