Women Are Posting Eye-Opening Stories Of Being Saved From Attackers By Complete Strangers

Women Are Posting Eye-Opening Stories Of Being Saved From Attackers By Complete Strangers

Many women from around the world don’t feel very safe when they are walking alone in public. With the many stories from the campaigns #MeToo and Times Up where women have been encouraged to share their stories of s*xual assault and harassment, we get the picture of the dangers that some woman might face around men that just won’t take “no for an answer.”

If you talk to women, nearly every one of them has some story of being catcalled, harassed or followed by men while walking alone in public. This time, instead of sharing those stories that will make you scared for your safety when walking alone, we are sharing stories of women being rescued from stalkers or attackers by actual complete strangers.

Scroll down to see a number of Tumblr and Facebook posts and comments where women share their story and thankfulness to the strangers that saved them.


Used to be a regular at a club a friend owned and would stop by after work for a beer or two. One of the servers came in at 9pm so she usually got a crappy, way off in the distance parking space. Everynight she had to walk alone to the dark street she ended parking at. And of course the employees didn’t get out until well after the patrons were all gone. It was dark and lonely out there.

One night at closing she came up to me ahd warned me a couple of lowlifes were taking an unhealthy interest in me; so I should get out with the crowd so there would be people around. I asked her what she was going to do walking to her car all alone. Her reply really upset me, “I’m used to it. It happens a couple of times a week.” I told her that was it, that shit was coming to a stop; and that I’d walk with her to her car. I was more worried about her than me. She laughed and asked what I could do, a hundred pounds dripping wet! I just told her I knew a few tricks.

As we left the scumbags appeared from whatever hole they were in and took a place about 10-15 feet behind us. Their comments were along the lines of what a**es we had and with our toned legs we could give a man a wild ride. Joanne was freaking out as they were coming closer.

At that point I pulled up my phone and sad “Now!” Into it. As they reached us a full-dress black & white came zooming around the corner. After a short foot chase two budding careers in crime were cut short. I pulled out my handcuffs and cuffed one, he wasn’t a happy camper and said so. The uniforms grabbed the other one, who was just as upset at me as the one I’d collared.

Joanne was as surprised as the two felons were. As she stood there sputtering I said “Oh, did I never tell you what I do for a living? I’m a cop and I spend all my evenings doing this exact same thing!”

To make a long story short I arraigned for a marked unit to pass by each night as the crew were leaving. Which they should have been doing anyway. And the uniforms got some good DUIs so they were happy campers. But I still had to do the paperwork!

I have my own personal #METOO moment so I took that assignment personally. Ladies, its a nasty world out there and its only getting worse. I had resources y’all don’t. I was lucky. We gotta start taking care of each other ’cause nobody else is going to. Every woman is a sister and families comes first.

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