Women Are Thankful For This Mom’s Honest And Raw Photos Of Her Changing Post-Partum Body

Women Are Thankful For This Mom’s Honest And Raw Photos Of Her Changing Post-Partum Body

The woman’s body goes through an amazing transformation during pregnancy, so it’s no surprise that the body remains different even after the baby is born. However, some moms are disappointed with how different their bodies are.

The rise of social media and the outspoken body-positive celebrities have, thankfully, brought more acceptance and awareness of this, so there are fewer and fewer moms that feel completely disappointed that they still look like they are eight-and-a-half months pregnant.

Julie Bhosale, a writer at The New Mum’s Nutritionist and a mother of two shares honest photos of herself in order to normalize and reduce the shock of real postpartum bodies. She has been taking photos for 14 weeks following the birth of her son.

Bhosale hopes to encourage women to focus on how they feel, not on how they look. We live in a society where images of women that have just given birth and immediately “bounced back” are pushed through the social media. Great for them, but they are such a small minority. For the most of us, our bodies change a lot. It may be scary and hard, but it’s completely real and normal.

One day postpartum

This is Bhosale just 24 hours after giving birth.

Two days postpartum

Nope. It’s not time to get rid of the maternity clothes just yet.

One week postpartum

She says that she still has a lumpy, squishy, watermelon belly even after 7 days.

Two weeks postpartum

Her belly is starting to shrink at this point, and she is finally out of her pJ’s.

Eight weeks postpartum

Fourteen weeks postpartum

Naturally, not all moms are the same, so not everyone could relate.


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