Women Dump Shared ‘Cheating Boyfriend’ At Airport And Go On Holiday Without Him

Women Dump Shared ‘Cheating Boyfriend’ At Airport And Go On Holiday Without Him

Kristen Bishop is a woman that received a voicemail at the end of March from Sophie Miller – a total stranger to her. In the voicemail, Miller revealed that she’d been dating Kristen’s boyfriend Adam for the duration of their relationship. The 33-year-old Kristen didn’t believe the story until the 26-year-old Sophie Facetimed her while she was at Adam’s apartment.
The two had since been planning the perfect revenge, and they used an eight-day holiday in Istanbul, Turkey to put the plan in motion – a holiday Kristen and Adam had planned.

When Kristen and Adam landed in Turkey, she revealed to him that she knew about Sophie, and Sophie herself turned up to surprise them. The two women then ditched their shared boyfriend and went off to enjoy their holiday in Istanbul without him.

Kristen shared that she found out about him cheating about four days before the trip, and she added that she and Sophie had a phenomenal time.
They became friends and had enough time to develop their newfound friendship in Istanbul.

As it turns out, Kristen and Adam had been dating since August 2020 and had been planning the trip to Istanbul together, but four days before their holiday, she found out that he had also been dating Sophie.

“She left me a short voicemail, to the point, that basically said ‘Hey, I’ve just learned about you. I’ve been dating this person for nine months and I thought you’d like to know about me. Give me a call if you have any questions’.
After the initial shock, I gave her a call and we chatted for a bit.
It was clear very quickly that she was telling the truth and we needed to talk some more to get to the bottom of what was happening.
He met her on the same dating app about one month before he contacted me. He reached out to both of us initially on the app.” – she shared.

So, after the two found out that he had been cheating, they decided to get together and plotted to confront him at the airport.


Kristen shared that Adam was ‘pretty stunned’ when he saw Sophie at the airport, and told him that all of his reservations had been changed to her name and told him to never contact them again.

The two women then ditched him, left the airport together, and went on to enjoy a beautiful holiday in Turkey.

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