Women In Their 40’s Give Advice To Their 20-Something Selves, And It’s Worth The Read

Women In Their 40’s Give Advice To Their 20-Something Selves, And It’s Worth The Read


Nyasha Junior is a writer who asked women in their 40s to describe what piece of advice they would give to their 20-something selves. Thousands of women decided to answer the question, and even more, including us, think that some of the advice is very, very useful.

We selected some of the best ‘answers’, and you can check them out below. Most of them serve to remind us what is really important and valuable in our lives, and what can be sacrificed easily.




















When I was in my 20’s, I would have benefited from all of these words of wisdom. Luckily I have always valued friends and family! Now in my 40’s, the best advice I can give is to cherish your parents and grandparents. Learn from them and continue family cultural traditions. Decide and accomplish career goals early in life, so that you can enjoy aging gracefully!!!!!

I’m only 30 but I would definitely tell my younger self to stop being so afraid of actual happiness, stillness and contentment. Just because most of your life has been chaotic and dramatic doesn’t mean the rest of it has to be the way. Allow yourself to be loved and quit being freaked out every time you are presented with opportunities for happiness and success.

Never mind trying to convince guys why you are the one for them. Be happy with who you are, if they don’t recognize your value, you don’t want him anyways , move on.

High is one of the best times of your life. So enjoy it have fun and graduate! Then go straight to college to get ur career started early. Don’t wait till your 36 yrs old trying to go bk to school when it has gotten alot harder and you have 4 kids. And no need to rush into relationships!! There is plenty of time for that. Enjoy ur teens/20’s go travel, find a hobbie nd figure out who u are…

Don’t be afraid to say no. Fill the void in God, not toxic habits. It’s okay to ask for help. Stop fighting for your right to be angry and start fighting for your right to be happy.

I am in my 70″s now. I would tell myself in my 20″s this. Stop wanting to party all the time, stop trying to be with the wrong people,..don’t smoke and drink, Don’t lie to parents, keep good friends close and keep them. When I got married the second time for 34 years to a wonderful guy I gave up all my friends for his and now since he passed away all his friends, married couple friends have gone their own way without me. Groups of the women go places and trips without inviting me and I feel very alone.

To my younger self: learn to know yourself and love yourself first before putting others before you. You can understand and cherish them better when you understand your want or need. Also dont be in such a hurry your future husband and kids will still be here waiting for you.

As a young woman entering my later 20s,I immensely appreciate these words of wisdom.

As a Life Mentor (much older than 40! – and male – the common theme I see through this is to honour your authentic self (the person who looks out at the world through your eyes) and don’t be sucked in by anyone who would want you to be someone other than your authentic self.

Ditto and ditto to all those beautiful inspiring all true statements I am 49 and agree whole heartedly with every single one. Fabulous article. Well done. Now pls all 20 year Olds those are all priceless / free true advice learn from our mistakes not so many of us can be wrong. Amen.

Marlona Ice-Wedding

Treat your body like a temple (i.e. sleep 7-8 hours per night, exercise often, spend time outdoors, and eat nutritious meals).

Don’t waste your time trying to fix a broken man or relationship.. Each time you try, it will get harder and harder to put the pieces back together and eventually the “puzzle” won’t even resemble the man/relationship you thought you loved.. and by the time you realize the pieces are so broken they don’t fit together anymore, you’ll have wasted years of your life that you can’t get back… Don’t settle. You deserve more..

Heather Sizemore

Wear those cute clothes girl you wont always have that body!! And go to College and make something of yourself so you can Always stand on your own 2 feet and not have to depend on ANYONE!! Love yourself above all else!!

Marta Reasearch Heldenberg

Never give up or give in ! You never really know what you are capable of, till faced with reality and adversity ! It took me all of my 85 years to learn this lesson .

No is a complete sentence. Love yourself first. Trust your inner voice. Don’t diet. Focus in health and wellness. Don’t settle.

Sit down with your mother and have her tell you her life story. Once she’s gone it will be impossible to know her story or get those questions answered about her history and how she navigated. Get her to tell you as much about your family history as possible and write down her recipes or ask her and you write them down. Record her on video as much as possible. Even if you don’t get along. You’ll be glad you did if she passes away.

I can relate to so many of these pearls of wisdom, please keep them coming. The most important person in your life, is YOU. Take care of her, and everything else will fall into place.

never let anyone else determine YOUR happiness!!! youre going to lose your mother way before youre ever going to be ready to, so dont let stupid stuff get between you. spend as much time time as you can with her and with your children, and cherish them & every single momentyou have/get with them. once they are gone you cannot get them back, and that will be all you will want then…
dont think that having a man/partner determines your worth, YOU are worth way more than you give yourself credit for.
take care of your health, go to your doctor, take your meds that will save your life!!!

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