Women Share Stories When They’ve Been Ignored In Favor Of Their Male Partner

Women Share Stories When They’ve Been Ignored In Favor Of Their Male Partner

No one wants to be ignored, especially when they have something to say. However, being ignored just because of your gender, race, or culture takes it to another level. Unfortunately, women are still being ignored in some places just because they’re, well, women – even in 2021!
Reddit user Teacherspet5859438e recently started a thread on the popular subreddit r/AskReddit in which they asked women to share their stories about times when they’ve been ignored just because of their male partners, colleagues, or friends were next to them – even when they were the client.

Some of the responses are just disappointing, but some of them might actually make you sick! Check out the most popular responses for yourself below, and feel free if you’ve ever been ignored by a salesperson or someone else just because your male partner, friend, or family member was next to you and they seemed ‘more competent’.












quite I was looking at a house to buy one lunchtime and a male work colleague came along with me since he had nothing better to do. The salesman spoke only to him, pointing out the advantages of the property despite the fact that Peter said we were not in a relationship, and I was the one looking to buy. I told him I would not buy a house from his company ever because of the way he treated me and then rang up his female boss and told her the same.

Quite recently I was interested in buying a new car and phoned a dealer to ask the price including some add ons and he went straight into a description of what colours were available and how he could bring any colour I liked around so I could test drive it that day. I repeated that I just wanted a quote on the price and colour was not important to me and he started off again about the colours available. I told him he was wasting his breath since he had not answered my question and he told me I was wasting his time. He did not get a sale.

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