Women With Strong Personalities Are Real Gems And Their Partners Should Be Grateful

Women With Strong Personalities Are Real Gems And Their Partners Should Be Grateful

Even though many people complain about their partners being so “irritating”, it may no longer be a cause for concern, because a recent study has revealed that women with strong personalities should be considered real gems by their partners.

In fact, the research says that these girls might even lessen the risk of developing health conditions such as diabetes in their partners.

A study conducted by the specialists from Michigan State University and the University of Chicago revealed that the negative consequences of having a strong personality are debatable, but it has its own benefits.
So, they argued that having a bad temper could have an impact on the health conditions of people’s relationships, and they focused on the potential to develop diabetes.

The study included a total of 1,228 people, and couples were asked to share information about the levels of satisfaction they felt in their relationship, how happy they were with their partner, and if they spent their free time together. The couples also answered questions about the amount of openness and trust they have with each other, and the demands and criticism they face from their partners.

However, they add that control is the key.

The results for men surprised the researchers because they were actually the opposite of those of women.

That’s right: men reported that being in a relationship with a woman who likes to have constant control and who criticizes them or makes numerous demands on them results with having a lower probability of developing diabetes later in life.

Not only that these men have a lower risk of developing diabetes, but they also improve their chances of controlling levels of sugar if diabetes appears.

Scientists, however, point out that this wasn’t the result of an intense and conflicted relationship, but the result of a person’s effort to keep track of their partner’s health, which eventually translates into criticism or demands.


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