“World’s Most Identical Twins” Do Everything Together, Including Being Intimate With Shared Boyfriend

“World’s Most Identical Twins” Do Everything Together, Including Being Intimate With Shared Boyfriend

Anna and Lucy DeCinque have been dubbed as the “most identical twins in the world”, and they hit the headlines yet again when they revealed that they share pretty much everything in life – including the same boyfriend.

Yes, that’s right. Not only did they get the exact same cosmetic surgeries in order to stay physically identical, but they also share the same boyfriend, and they have even said that they intend to get pregnant at the exact same time.

The 33-year-old twin-sisters from Perth, Australia, have revealed that they share their bed and they are intimate with their boyfriend at the same time.

The DeCinque sisters discussed their relationship with their boyfriend Ben, who they first started dating back in 2012, during their appearance at the Australian TV programme Hughesy, We Have a Problem, and they revealed that the three of them share a king-sized bed.
They also revealed that the three of them are present at all times, even when they are intimate, and Lucy added that if Ben kisses one of them, he will kiss the other one too.

She also added that they always have each other’s backs, and Ben gets double the love and double the attention.
The DeCinque twins also revealed that they are hoping to conceive at the exact same time, and the children would technically be both half-siblings and cousins, so Ben would be both the father and an uncle to the children.

Anna and Lucy have spent more than $250,000 on cosmetic surgery to make themselves look even more alike, and they do everything in life to make sure absolutely every part of them stays identical. Lucy added that if one of them goes to the toilet, she will have to go at the same time, because they eat and drink the same, they shower together, and they basically do every part of their lives together.

They say that it’s stressful being them, because they have to measure their plates, as everything has to be identical, and we believe it’s stressful for Ben too, who has to make sure that they both get what they need at the same time.


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