You Might Think Twice Before Going Vegan After This Guy Explained Why Veganism Is NOT Cruelty Free

You Might Think Twice Before Going Vegan After This Guy Explained Why Veganism Is NOT Cruelty Free

People decide to go vegan for many reasons, but the meat-eaters say that the vegan lifestyle shouldn’t be adopted just because it’s ‘cruelty-free’.

According to them, even the Cruelty Free International certified products are not entirely innocent, if you look at the food industry as a whole. The discussion got pretty intense when some vegans joined it, and it will surely draw your attention as well.

There are still many common problems in the food supply chains, like forced labour, exploitation of the workers, hazardous and extreme working conditions and extremely low wage. Also, the agriculture is responsible for 70% of child labour. The number of kids working in this industry has increased by 10 million since 2012, and it has reached over 108 million in total! There are many examples of a dramatic increase in the price of many products as well, like the quinoa in Bolivia, whose price has been increased by 300% since 2006 because of the high demand by the Western world.

There were many more arguments used in the attempt to make people rethink veganism, and as it turns out, many actually do. According to recent surveys, 84% of vegetarians/vegans abandon their diet, of which 34% do it in three months or less.

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But not everyone agrees that being a vegan means being cruelty-free

People shared their opinions instantly!

Some were questioning the logic behind the arguments above

While others agreed completely


We have evidence of hunter gatherers changing from hunting to farming as far back as 5000 years ago.
And the earliest evidence we have found actually suggests we always ate meat, we always made or used tools and we always used the hides of the meat we killed, to keep us warm. Which is what stopped us from dying of hypothermia and also what allowed our brains to progress so much faster than other animals.
Granted whilst looking that far back in time, what we think is mostly theory based, but those theories are based on discoveries made and extensive research.
And fish are meat. Seafood is not it’s own thing, it’s meat.

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