Young Sisters Read Bedtime Stories Live So Kids Can Fall Asleep With A Story

Young Sisters Read Bedtime Stories Live So Kids Can Fall Asleep With A Story

Zaria Willard, 13, and her sister Hailey Willard, 8, are two girls from Dover, Delaware that absolutely love to read. To make it even better, they share their love for books with kids across the globe by hosting a live bedtime story session, every night!

They share on their Facebook page that they’re already reading each night, but they thought it may be beneficial for children who won’t get that luxury.
The 13-year-old Zaria told GMA that they go to the library and pick out books for the week on Sundays.

She said that they pick books with characters who look like them, because not a lot of kids see books with characters who look like them.

They read at 8 p.m., and they split it up.

Zaria said that they like reading because people sometimes can’t read themselves because they’re too young or their parents don’t have time.

Victoria Willard, their mother, said that it took some convincing before she let the girls take it to social media with their idea.

She was affraid of mean people that are online, but Hailey and her sister begged her to let them read on Facebook and help other kids fall asleep, so she eventually allowed them to.
However, the mom had some terms in order to allow them to do it:

The Terms:

No responding to messages or comments before mom sees them first.
Certain people you can’t follow back on social media.
Abide by the household cell phone laws: No phones at the dinner table and no phones after 9 p.m.
Don’t let fame get to your head.

What do you think about the idea?

We must admit that we absolutely love it! Make sure to check out the Zaria X Hailey Facebook page here.


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