Bride Denies Stepson’s Request To Honor His Late Mom At Wedding, Asks If She’s Wrong

Bride Denies Stepson’s Request To Honor His Late Mom At Wedding, Asks If She’s Wrong

Statistics show that 1,300 new step and blended households are formed every day in the US, which means that finding yourself in a family with a step relative has become the reality for many.
In fact, it came to our surprise that it has become one of the fastest-growing family types in the country, but many people are still confused and don’t properly understand their new domestic situation.

Case in point, one Redditor faced a family dilemma with her fiance and his son, so she decided to take it to the Am I The A-hole subreddit and ask if she was in the wrong for refusing to let her 17-year-old stepson have a PowerPoint project display in honor of his deceased mom at her wedding.

She shared that she and her partner decided to get married before the end of this year, but her fiance’s son demanded that he honors his deceased mom by having a PowerPoint project display presentation at the wedding.

Check out the story for yourself below, and decide who is in the wrong here.

We think that its very important for people to understand that there are always two sides of every stories and both need to be heard. By doing so, we can better understand whats really going on, especially when someone is grieving. It can be very challenging to be a part of a blended family, especially for kids. Parents need to be extra careful and avoid trying to take the child’s parent’s place, but still offer comfort nad support.

The majority of Reddit voted that the woman was not the a-hole here, and she has every right to stand her ground on this one.

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RUN for the hills! You will meet someone who is ready to/for love. It will be WORSE if you marry THEM – you will have no say in anything! Run

if it is such an issue either call off the wedding or uninvite the stepson …

Thank you….
I want 5o li he tells u he planning on trying her up

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